Reblog> Environment and Planning C relaunched as ‘Politics and Space’ – new manifesto

Via Stuart Elden.

This is an interesting development, not least in terms of the gradual realignment of EPD in the last five or so years…

Environment and Planning C relaunched as ‘Politics and Space’ – new manifesto

Society and Space is part of the Environment and Planning family of journals, now published by Sage. Environment and Planning C – formerly ‘Government and Policy’ is being relaunched as ‘Politics and Space’.

New editors Patrica Daley, Eugene McCann, Alison Mountz and Joe Painter have a piece describing this new purpose as ‘Reimaging Politics & Space: Why here, why now?‘ Here’s one key paragraph:

Our starting point in the project of re-visioning this journal is that no one owns the political in political geography and, therefore, while we are editors, we hope you will join us in building the future of Politics & Space. Send us your papers! Send us something new, different, something that you need to see in these pages.

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