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In May 2015 I collected together a list of all of the human geography-related academic blogs I knew of and could find or were shared with me. This is a repository for that list and I’ll do my best to keep it up-to-date.

Last updated: 02/12/2016.


Javier Arbona

Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research

Hannah Awcock – Turbulent London / The historical geography of protest & riots

Clive Barnett – Pop Theory

Mike Batty – Smart Cities

Megan Blake – GeoFoodie

the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (UCL) blog network (aggregate)

Kevin Cox – Unfashionable Geographies

Jeremy Crampton – Open Geography

Tim Cresswell – place, landscape, mobility, poetry

Julie Cupples – geography/development/culture/media

Simon Cook – Jographies

Nicholas Crane – For Another Critique of the Pyramid

Andy Davies – Contentious Geographies

Thomas Dekyser – Distorted Space

Gwilym Eades – Place Memes

Stuart Elden – Progressive Geographies

Eye on Geography – NUIM geography group blog

Thomas Frederiksen – Mining and CSR

Follow the blog – the blog associated with

Geocritique – group blog on ’emerging ecologies’

Geopolitics & security – Royal Holloway blog

Bradley Garrett

Hilary Geoghegan – Culture of Enthusiasm

Jen Jack Gieseking

Ben Gilby – Doronieth Kernow

Governing Emergencies – Leverhulme network blog (led by Ben Anderson)

Mark Graham – Zero Geography

Derek Gregory – Geographical Imaginations

Muki Haklay – Po Ve Sham

Adrian Ivakhiv – Immanence

Rob Kitchin’s Ireland After NAMA

Sara Koopman – Decolonizing Solidarity & Spanish for Social Change

Innes Keighren – On the archival trail of William Macintosh

Nick Lally 

Angela Last – Mutable Matter

Landscape Surgery – Royal Holloway postgrad group blog

Ludic Geopolitics – project blog

Peter Matthews – Urban Policy & Practice

Colin McFarlane – City Fragment

Dominique Moran – Carceral Geography

William Moseley on Al Jazeera 

Oli Mould – taCity

Helen Pallett – The Topograph

Rafael Pereira – Urban Demographics

Mark Purcell – Path to the Possible

The Programmable City – EU funded project at NUI Maynooth led by Rob Kitchin

Scott Rodgers – Publicly Sited

Gillian Rose – Visual/Method/Culture

Richard Scriven – Liminal Entwinings

Joe Smith – Citizen Joe Smith

Society for Radical Geography, Social Theory & Everyday Life (group)

Soft Paternalism – project blog: Rhys Jones, Mark Whitehead, Jessica Pykett & Marc Welsh

Chris W. Strother – The Anarchist Geographer

Gerard Toal – Critical Geopolitics

Leonard van Efferink – Exploring Geopolitics

Miranda Ward

Tara Woodyer – Material Sensibilities

Honorable mentions (not particularly regular)

Katherine Brickell

High Crossfield – Chomping at the bloodied bit

Ayona Datta – The City Inside Out

Design Geographies

Michael Gallagher

Matthew Gandy – Cosmopolis

Nick Heynen

Kurt Iveson – Cities & Citizenship

Helen Jarvis – Experiments in Community

Bob Jessop

Craig Jones – War, Law, Space

Rob Kitchin’s frequent blog about crime fiction

John Krygier – Making Maps

Karen Lai

Joanna Mann – KnitDiss / Exploring the geographies of craft & crafting

Ellie Miles – Museums, research, teaching

Pat Noxolo’s Dancing Maps project blog

Kris Olds / Global Higher Ed

Darren Patrick – Queer Urban Ecologies

Laura Prazeres – Learning beyond borders

Paul Simpson

Juanita Sundberg – Nature / Race / Militarization

Alex Vasudevan – Experimental Geographies

Tom Vickers – Refugees, Capitalism and the British State

Paulo Jorge Vieira

Amy Zang – Souvenir Geographies


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