Lockdown Locales

Many of us remain at home and some of us yo-yo between a ‘COVID-secure’ office and working from home. We ‘see’ one another’s presence in various forms – through the lens of a webcam, through text on a screen – in social media apps and so on – and perhaps meet up outdoors, standing two metres apart. This has affected us in all sorts of ways that may both be predictable and surprising in equal measure. We are almost constantly ‘online’, very often – whether we intend it or not – ‘available’.

I would like to invite you to participate in a documentation of the places we are working. This is intended as a snapshot of the ‘mundane’ material conditions of academic labour during the pandemic. The place that has become at once our classrooms, our offices, the meeting room, the ‘common room’. I will collate a gallery here of images and turn these into an audiovisual artwork at a later date.



In order to submit, and to ensure that this process is secure and protects your privacy, please use the embedded form. All submissions will be moderated before inclusion in the gallery. Thank you!

    Terms of Submission

    • Your image must be a PNG or JPG file.
    • ALL submissions will be anonymous.
    • By submitting an image you consent to that image being used in the ‘public’ gallery on this website and in any artworks derived from the image and others created by Sam Kinsley.