Videos to introduce lectures on geographies of popular culture

I give seven lectures on geographies of popular culture at the end of a 28-lecture torrent of social and cultural geography that is our first-year, first-term module “Geographies of Place, Identity & Culture‘.

We are asked to commence the actual lecture five minutes after the beginning of the session and end five minutes before, thus giving us 50 minutes of time to engage the students.

I have found that it can be rather awkward setting up and just waiting and watching the students pile in, while many of them sort of stare at you… so, I’m going to give them something else to look at!

I did this for one lecture last year and have now found a video for the first five minutes (-ish) of all seven. Here they are:

Introduction to Geographies of Popular Culture, begins with:

Lecture 2, geographies of music, begins with:

Lecture 3, geographies of life online, begins with:

Lecture 4, geographies of books & reading, begins with:

Lecture 5, geographies of cinema and TV, begins with:

Lecture 6, spaces of games and play, begins with:

Lecture 7, geographies of consumption, begins with:

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2 Replies to “Videos to introduce lectures on geographies of popular culture”

  1. Some great choices here, especially the Gondry video (Bjork) which is that rare thing, a totally realized concept. (I’m a big fan of Gondry, can you tell?) Also loved seeing the M video (thanks for the memories!).

    But why do “they” make you start late??

  2. I really like Gondry too, I would’ve used more of his stuff but couldn’t quite crowbar it in… Likewise, I thought of trying to use Chris Cunningham videos but worried I might disturb the students a little too much!

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