Amazon as the exemplar of authoritarian employment..?

Just a quick post to park two related things here on the blog in order to return to them…

First: this story on Fusion:

The Amazon Way: Why the data-driven workplace is a nightmare  which describes a corporate culture driven by personal and collective analytics that overrule any consideration of hard-to-measure or qualitative considerations… and how that is prosecuted through a hellish kind of managerialism.

Second: This list/story on The Grauniad:

Why the workplace of 2016 could echo Orwell’s 1984 which essentially lists any and all kinds of personal surveillance technologies–currently marketed as ‘quantified self’ and other kinds of self-knowledge tools–and packages them up into some kind of nightmare version of the Amazon managerialism explored above.

What’s interesting? I think its interesting how a particular version/vision of the future of work plays out between these stories that strays close to a form of technological determinism and exemplifies an influential way that ideas about work, and how it may change, are being discussed.

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