Repost> Call for applications: digital activist residency in Berlin, Oct + Nov 2015

The Tactical Tech collective have a call for applications for a residency later this year which looks great!

Tactical Tech is offering a residency in its offices in Berlin, Germany, for two months starting at the beginning of October 2015.  The residency is designed to support activists from Latin America, Africa, Asia, Central Asia, the Caucasus or the Middle East, who utilise digital technologies extensively in their work.

This is part of a project launched by the Tactical Technology Collective and Reporters without Borders Germany, meant to strengthen Berlin as a hub for a creative community that can inspire change around the world. In parallel, Reporters Without Borders will host a residency for a journalist.

We are looking for an experienced digital activist interested in joining a small team working internationally on issues related to Tactical Tech’s current strategic priorities. This means you should be experienced in working in at least one of the following areas of activity :

  • Understanding and exposing issues; using data, design and technology to help people understand and investigate systemic issues in their own societies. (Primary Tactical Tech project: Exposing the invisible.)
  • The politics of data; understanding what it means to live in a ‘data society’, how we leave digital traces and what this means for the privacy of everyday users in different contexts. (Primary Tactical Tech project: Me and My Shadow)
  • Digital security for human rights defenders and journalists; working practically to sustain freedom of expression in the digital sphere. (Primary Tactical Tech project: Security-in-a-box)

Read the full call for applications.

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