Geographers that blog (relatively frequently)

I’ve had the habit of reading blogs since blogs became ‘a thing’, back in the early noughties (for me anyway), and have moved through different RSS readers, desktop versions then web services – from NetNewsWire to dear old Bloglines introduced to me by Howard Rheingold, and more recently Netvibes… but I’ve allowed the list of sites I follow to atrophy and wither, with many no longer active and some no longer online.

I decided to do what all lazy Twitter users do and ask ‘which geographers should I read?‘ and received some helpful responses. I am therefore sharing the beginnings of a list that I hope others may help add to by leaving suggestions in the comments below…

My aim here is to compile a list of regular bloggers who blog about vaguely human geographical things, so here’s my provisional list – there must be more(!):

Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research

Hannah Awcock – Turbulent London / The historical geography of protest & riots

Clive Barnett – Pop Theory

Mike Batty – Smart Cities

Megan Blake – GeoFoodie

the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (UCL) blog network (aggregate)

Jeremy Crampton – Open Geography

Tim Cresswell – place, landscape, mobility, poetry

Julie Cupples – geography/development/culture/media

Simon Cook – Jographies

Nicholas Crane – For Another Critique of the Pyramid

Andy Davies – Contentious Geographies

Gwilym Eades – Place Memes

Stuart Elden – Progressive Geographies

Eye on Geography – NUIM geography group blog

Thomas Frederiksen – Mining and CSR

Geocritique – group blog on ’emerging ecologies’

Geopolitics & security – Royal Holloway blog

Bradley Garrett

Hilary Geoghegan – Culture of Enthusiasm

Jen Jack Gieseking

Ben Gilby – Doronieth Kernow

Governing Emergencies – Leverhulme network blog (led by Ben Anderson)

Mark Graham – Zero Geography

Derek Gregory – Geographical Imaginations

Muki Haklay – Po Ve Sham

Adrian Ivakhiv – Immanence

Rob Kitchin’s Ireland After NAMA

Sara Koopman – Decolonizing Solidarity & Spanish for Social Change

Innes Keighren – On the archival trail of William Macintosh

Angela Last – Mutable Matter

Landscape Surgery – Royal Holloway postgrad group blog

Ludic Geopolitics – project blog

Colin McFarlane – City Fragment

Dominique Moran – Carceral Geography

Oli Mould – taCity

Helen Pallett – The Topograph

Rafael Pereira – Urban Demographics

Mark Purcell – Path to the Possible

The Programmable City – EU funded project at NUI Maynooth led by Rob Kitchin

Scott Rodgers – Publicly Sited

Gillian Rose – Visual/Method/Culture

Joe Smith – Citizen Joe Smith

Society for Radical Geography, Social Theory & Everyday Life (group)

Soft Paternalism – project blog: Rhys Jones, Mark Whitehead, Jessica Pykett & Marc Welsh

Chris W. Strother – The Anarchist Geographer

Gerard Toal – Critical Geopolitics

Leonard van Efferink – Exploring Geopolitics

Miranda Ward

Tara Woodyer – Material Sensibilities

Honorable mentions (not particularly regular)

Katherine Brickell

High Crossfield – Chomping at the bloodied bit

Ayona Datta – The City Inside Out

Design Geographies

Michael Gallagher

Matthew Gandy – Cosmopolis

Nick Heynen

Kurt Iveson – Cities & Citizenship

Helen Jarvis – Experiments in Community

Bob Jessop

Craig Jones – War, Law, Space

Rob Kitchin’s frequent blog about crime fiction

John Krygier – Making Maps

Karen Lai

Joanna Mann – KnitDiss / Exploring the geographies of craft & crafting

Ellie Miles – Museums, research, teaching

Pat Noxolo’s Dancing Maps project blog

Kris Olds / Global Higher Ed

Darren Patrick – Queer Urban Ecologies

Laura Prazeres – Learning beyond borders

Paul Simpson

Juanita Sundberg – Nature / Race / Militarization

Alex Vasudevan – Experimental Geographies

Tom Vickers – Refugees, Capitalism and the British State

Paulo Jorge Vieira

Amy Zang – Souvenir Geographies


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  1. No probs, glad you think it worthwhile – the point of the media is to share so that’s what I’m trying to do… 😉

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