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Interesting conference from the project led by Chris Speed.

OxChain Conference Programme

One-day conference on Blockchain and the Global South hosted by OxChain.

Keynote speakers: Michel Bauwens of the Peer to Peer Foundation, Lord Christopher Holmes, author of Distributed Ledger Technologies for Public Good, and Ric Tighe, Oxfam ICT in-programme.

22 May 2018, Coin Street Conference Centre, Waterloo, London

Panel sessions include Session 1: Power, Transparency and Accountability in Blockchain for International Development, Session 2: Peer-to-Peer Economies (A): Natural Resource Governance, Session 3: Peer to Peer Economies (B): Supply Chains and Development, Session 4: Crypto-philanthropy and development: The Future of Giving? along with lunchtime demonstrations of platforms and designs.

Panel submissions are closed but there are limited spaces available to register. For more information please contact

Registration essential. Contact to register.

Updates to follow on the day!

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