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Book: New Lines

I am beyond thrilled to learn that New Lines: Critical GIS and the Trouble of the Map is now in print. This book is my attempt to re-examine the practice of mapmaking, amidst the troubles that the map presents. The abstract and endorsements of the text, now available from University of Minnesota Press, follows. You can also receive 30% off when you order at, using discount code MN81730. Offer expires Jan. 1, 2018.

“With rapidly shifting digital technologies, geo-surveillance, everyday cartography, privatized georeferenced data, and neoliberalization, New Lines offers a reflexive reassessment of the scholarly praxis of critical GIS, an increasingly anachronistic term. Attentive also to contemporary philosophical debates, Matthew W. Wilson’s lively and ambitious manifesto pushes the reader to re-examine everything they thought they knew about the topic.”
Eric Sheppard, UCLA


“This elegantly argued book offers a brilliantly original perspective on the many ‘troubles’—technical, epistemological, cultural, and political—associated with the contemporary proliferation of digital mapping systems. For anyone interested in understanding the rapidly changing sociohistorical, technological and institutional contexts in which cartographic practice occurs, Matthew W. Wilson’s New Lines will provide a foundational source of insight, wisdom, inspiration, and provocation.”

Neil Brenner, Harvard University

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