A ‘digital geographies’ working group for the RGS?

Prof. Gillian Rose has blogged about meetings she has been having with others about setting up a ‘digital geographies working group’ for the RGS. They are convening a meeting at this year’s RGS-IBG annual conference. Apparently you will be free to attend the meeting without registering for the conference. See Prof Rose’s blogpost for details.

I won’t be at the conference, so I won’t be at the meeting…

I suppose as someone that apparently has a stake in ‘digital’ things I should have an opinion – I confess I have mixed feelings. No doubt there are probably all sorts of conversations to be had, goodness knows there’s lots of people doing such research. I have no doubt that ambitious colleagues will drive such things forward. My one vague hope is that ‘professional’ geography doesn’t go the way of sociology and construct a ‘digital’ discursive regime…  For what its worth, I’ve very briefly posted on such things, following Kitchin et al’s draft position paper on this stuff.


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