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This looks like a really helpful resource over on the Social Media Collective blog –– although I’m sure Mark Graham may want to add to it… 🙂

Reading list on the digital divide/digital inclusion

We compiled a bibliography on the digital divide (including gender gaps) and ICTD. Please let us know if we missed anything interesting and we would be glad to add it!

1. Allen, Steven G. 2001. “Technology and the Wage Structure.” Journal of Labor Economics 19:440-483.

2. Anderson, B. 2005. “The value of mixed-method longitudinal panel studies in ICT research.” Information, Communication & Society 8:343-367.

3. Anderson, Ben. 2008. “The Social Impact of Broadband Household Internet Access.” Information, Communication & Society 11:5-24.

See the other 191 references on the Social Media Collective blog.

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