Delete your account please

Following posts on Twitter by lots of colleagues and a post from Stuart Elden I’ve deleted my account. I suggest you do the same – here’s why:

As privatized platforms like look to monetize scholarly writing even further, researchers, scientists and academics across the globe must now consider alternatives to proprietary companies that aim to profit from our writing and offer little transparency as to how our work will be used in the future.

From: Dear Scholars, Delete Your Account At Academia.Edu by Sarah Bond.

I haven’t deleted ResearchGate or removed my page from Google Scholar – I need to look into those contexts too. Better to upload to non-profit sharing services or your own website and use open access where possible. I’m hoping that ORCID will be positive too in some way…

If anyone actually gives two hoots about finding my publications, such as they are, they’re on this very website!

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