Brilliant new paper: Mortal Questions, by @PepeRomanillos

There some good articles (with some interesting contributions to debates on urban geographies) in the latest issue of Progress in Human Geography, including a brilliant article by my colleague Pepe Romanillos, I heartily recommend reading this:

Mortal questions
Geographies on the other side of life

Drawing upon resources from philosophy, sociology, history, and anthropology, this paper explores the possibilities of attending to geographies on the other side of life. After an introductory review of work on deathscapes and extant geographical reflections on absence and loss, the paper turns to consider three horizons in which geographers might extend their interrogations of different mortal conditions: mourning, the spatial politics of the dead, and corporeality. The paper concludes by reflecting on the disciplinary possibilities of responding to these empirical concerns at a time when we are often asked to cultivate all manner of lively geographies.

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