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Stuart Elden on the book “How We Write”, which is a really interesting insight into different ways in which writing is practised…

How We Write – the open access collection reviewed and highlighted

How-We-Write-cover-E-216x346How We Write – the open access collection edited by Suzanne Conklin Akbari, which includes thirteen short pieces on academic writing – has been getting  a bit of attention already. It was chosen as a highlighted title on open access site and has been reviewed in French at Ludite! Jeffrey Jerome Cohen also talks about his piece here.

As I said when I announced the book’s publication, while free to download, it was not free to produce. It is also available to buy in paperback, or you can leave a donationwhen you download the book. This is a book that does not seek to give advice, but to show how a range of people do things in a number of different ways. Please share widely”¦

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