French Conseil National du Numérique report published [video intro]

I’ve been following tweets from the Conseil National du Numérique for a little while, which have been interesting [with the hashtag #ambitionnumérique] – their “Ambition Numérique” (roughly: ‘Digital Goals’) report for the prime minister is now published and there’s a swish video intro for it (below).

It’s an interesting report because of the level of consultation the CNM attempted, with anyone ostensibly able to offer comment through an online consultation process and lots of other ‘stakeholders’ approached directly, with four big meetings held in Lille, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, and Nantes.


The video is worth a watch just to get a sense of how one of the G8 is approaching issues such as identity, neutrality, public services, privacy and work in relation to a growing digital economy. Although, none of what is said is particularly surprising. IT is sort of interesting that it is coming from a (sort of) ‘state actor’…

Le numérique nous concerne tous ! Les grands… by cnnumeriquefr

You can switch on the English subtitles by pressing the [cc] button and selecting “English”.

There’s also a press release in English here.

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