Symposium on Innovations in Ethnographic Methodology

The Centre for Ethnographic Research (UC Berkeley) is holding a symposium on innovations in ethnographic methodology, please find the CFP copied below. Looks interesting!

CFP: Symposium on Innovations in Ethnographic Methodology

On March 4, 2016, CER is hosting a one-day symposium on Innovations in Ethnographic Methodology. We invite scholars from any discipline to submit paper proposals that focus on methodological innovations in conducting ethnographic research.  Exemplars to illustrate methodological contributions may be drawn from any substantive field, e.g. education, everyday life, inequality, health, migration, organizations, urban, etc. Scholars working in ethnographic traditions including Intepretivism, Symbolic Interaction, Ethnomethodology, Phenomenology, the Extended Case Method, and Behavioralism are encouraged to participate.

Those wishing to present a paper are requested to submit an abstract (up to 500 words) along with a current cv. Papers should be focused on methodology and not on findings. The abstract should include a description of the innovation and state the contribution the paper makes to the existing issues within one or more ethnographic methodological traditions. Those chosen to present their papers will have their economy airfare and two nights of lodging paid by the Center.  Selected papers from the conference will be submitted for a special issue of the journal Ethnography.  Abstracts for the conference are due by September 10, 2015, and notification of acceptance will be provided by October 10, 2015.  Please send abstract and cv to

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