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Over on the excellent More-Than-Human Lab blog Anne Galloway discusses her prep for the RGS-IBG annual conference in <plug>Exeter</plug> and beautifully and evocatively opens out her experience of living with other (non-human) animals.

I feel like I know Anne’s cat Enid Coleslaw, I have seen lots of pictures through blogposts and social media and her stories about her life, I somewhat share in the experience of moving (nowhere near as far!!) with cats and watching them change and live their lives in new and perhaps surprising ways with us.

Read Anne’s blogpost and look at her photos. They are a joy.

I’ve started pulling together my paper for the Losing Ground – Gaining Ground session at the RGS Conference in Exeter in September, where I’ll be presenting on what it means to belong in the valley in which I live.Part of this involves sorting [Edit: casual (iPhone)] photos I’ve taken of the plants, animals and elements around us, and thinking about how I’ve learned the differences between native and endemic, abundant and protected, introduced and invasive species.

I started by choosing a set of representative images I’ve taken since moving here in mid-September last year. I didn’t select them to represent a linear progression of time, but sorted them by type of animal–cat, sheep, bird, insect, other–and selected my favourite ones.

Continue reading on More-Than-Human Lab.

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