New article: Futures in the making: practices to anticipate ubiquitous computing

Hot on the heals of the recent theme issue of Culture Machine that I co-edited with my colleague Patrick Crogan, I have a new article coming out in a theme issue of Environment and Planning A stemming from sessions at the 2010 RGS-IBG conference concerning  geographies of the future. This article, entitled ‘Futures in the making’, translates and re-thinks, in a slightly more nuanced way, some of the findings of the fourth chapter of my PhD thesis.

The principal aim of the article is to chart some of the techniques used by those involved in research and development around ‘ubiquitous computing‘ to negotiate the future orientation inherent to their practice(s). Using empirical case studies the article situates these forms of future orientation as forms of spatial imagination that are productive of forms of ‘anticipatory knowledge’. I argue, in conclusion, that the importance of studying future orientation is situated in relation to the somewhat contradictory nature of anticipatory knowledges of ‘ubiquitous computing’ and related forms of spatial imagination.

‘Futures in the making’ appears in Volume 44 of Environment and Planning A, as a part of the ‘ Future Geographies’ theme issue, edited by Ben Anderson and Peter Adey, which forms part of issue 7. I think the issue is available from September 2012. This was one of those articles that took some time to arrive at its final published form, with a couple of revisions. I am grateful to Ben and Pete for the opportunity to be included amongst a group of really interesting articles, I am indebted to (editor) Nigel Thrift and three anonymous reviewers whose suggestions and encouragement really helped improve the article. Equally, I am grateful to EPA Editorial Manager Ros Whitehead for her highly efficient and rapid support in the reviewing process.

Please do contact me if you’re interested in the article, I am happy to provide ‘pre-press’ copies via email.

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