Request for resources: Studying other researchers

I know plenty of other people study people who are themselves researchers, that’s more-or-less what STS folk do (in a sweeping generalisation), but I haven’t really read anything that discusses what this means for the research process…

I’m not sure if researching other researchers is necessarily ‘special’ or different but it does bring with it some peculiar considerations about how to negotiate disciplinarity in the context of others who inhabit close, perhaps cognate, bits of academia and research ‘cultures’.

So, what I’m after, if anyone actually reads this, is suggestions of fairly pragmatic (i.e. not ‘grand theory’) approaches to doing research about other researchers – the good, the bad and the ugly of that kind of fieldwork and research practice.

I ask because I keep periodically looking at ‘data’ I gathered from a second round of field work in Silicon Valley in 2011 which I’ve never meaningfully written up – I spent the time applying for jobs instead and the moment sort of passed… but I am interested in revisiting the ‘doing’ of the research perhaps because it was actually fairly uncomfortable for a number of reasons and I have my own unanswered questions about why, and what one might do differently…

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