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This is just to let anyone vaguely interested know this blog now sits with a different host and has gone through a ‘migration’ process to do so. This meant that for the last 24 hours the site may have gone a bit funny in your browser and it also meant that many francophone characters didn’t display correctly. I think I’ve caught all of these but if you find anything weird please do let me know.

I was with RackSense for around 15 years, from being an undergraduate digital artist through a brief time as a not-quite-professional web developer and into postgraduate and postdoctoral life. I am grateful to Paul Civati who has always been helpful and supportive – including rescuing me when I accidentally deleted my whole mysql set-up for my final year project a matter of days before having to demo it. RackSense is ceasing operations, hence the change.

This site is now hosted by the brilliant Reclaim Hosting, who have been very welcoming and amazingly quick to respond to even the silliest of questions – I recommend them.

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