Podcasts I’m listening to ~ how I spend my commute

I’ve tweeted and blogged a little about podcasts and so I’m just going to do a list of what I’m listening to, in case its of any interest to anyone else… I suppose I am recommending them, but maybe some more than others…

Maybe you can make recommendations for things I should listen to… I’d welcome them!

UPDATE: I stumbled upon another podcast today… The Economist has a podcast concerned with computing called “Babbage“. Also: the Institute of Network Cultures Zero Infinite podcast looks interesting too.

Africa Today – the BBC’s news and analysis with a focus on Africa.

Algocracy and Transhumanism – in spite of the modish keywords of the title, this is a really well presented and interesting podcast by John Danaher on interesting research about digital tech.

The British Dream – a highly irreverent  podcast from Vice on British politics, becoming more regular through the GE2017 campaign.

Data & Society – a podcast of the talks from visiting speakers to the Data & Society institute in NYC.

The Digital Human – the Radio 4 programme with Aleks Krotoski (a bit too disciplined by psychology but interesting).

Fifty things that made the modern economy – A Beeb programme that explores what the title says.

Fortunately – Jane Garvey and Fi Glover make irreverent comments and recommendations about the week’s programming on Radio 4.

Four Questions – geographer Alice Evans talks to other researchers.

The Guardian’s Audio Long Reads – does what it says on the tin.

London Review Podcasts – the LRB podcast.

The Ruck – the rugby podcast from The Times.

Podcasts that were finite (now finished) and worth checking out:

Cargoland – behind the scenes at America’s largest port complex with KCRW’s Lu Olkowski.

Containers – Alexis Madrigal looks at containerisation through the lens of the Port of Oakland and how this relates to global capital and automation, amongst many things. Recommended!

Cultural Technologies – a podcast by media theorist Bernard Geoghegan with some interesting guests.

Culture Machine Live – a podcast related to the excellent open access journal.

Some podcasts I don’t subscribe to but pick from:

Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything – a look at interesting issues in America, from surveillance to drones to gentrification.

The Oxford Comment – OUP staff talk to authors about stuff being published by them.

Talking Politics – David Runciman does some politics wonking…

Team Human – Douglas Rushkoff “intervenes on behalf of humans” as only he can… I don’t always make it through an episode but there’s been some good guests.

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