Inspector Rory Gillard

Dear Sir,


Its now crystal clear to you in the time past that you have been dealing with fraudsters because our investigation report have shown that you have an outstanding payment.Nevertheless the deed has been done and the only way to remedy the situation is to proceed to pay you an approved compensation fund of $6.5million only as approved for listed certified scam victims by the United Nations Debts Reconciliation Committee United Kingdom). Thus the payment will come via ATM VISA CARD and sine our paying bank is duly inter switched,you will be permitted to make a maximum withdrawal of $5000 on daily basis in any ATM VISA CENTER that is nearest to you any where in the world.The original copy of your ATM VISA CARD shall be delivered by Diplomatic COURIER service within 5 working days from the date of your response email. Please to avoid wrong delivery of your ATM VISA CARD you are kindly expected to reply immediately and re-confirm, Your preferred home or office delivery address Thank You Inspector Rory Gillard Scotland Yard Police UK.

Thank You

Inspector Rory Gillard
Scotland Yard Police UK.

Found in my junk folder…

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