Observation from Iraq: The Nokia IED trigger

A friend of mine is a journalist for France 24 and is currently in Iraq covering the conflict with IS. His Facebook posts are extraordinary, very powerful, and I wanted to share one of them. So, courtesy of my friend in Iraq (and with his permission), here is a post (verbatim) concerning the use of Nokia 113 phones as IED detonation triggers:


These phones and wires are the remote control detonation devices left behind by Islamic State forces.

The initial activation has a 6 minute timer, after which the fuse becomes “live”.

Then a simple phone call is enough to detonate the explosive charge.

The IS choose this model of Nokia because its battery lasts 10 days. That’s basically a slow fuse that lasts a week and a half.

It’s not failsafe. One phone had 8 missed calls – 8 failed detonation attempts. The Peshmerga commander who found that one says the only jamming device he has is protection from above.

Improvised Explosive Devices are one of the biggest threats the peshmerga face, as the jihadists concede territory.

The fear of bombs has slowed their progress into hostile territory. The Islamists melt away like wraiths, leaving their IEDS to strike blindly at the Peshmerga.

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