“Crossovers” – performance dialogues

I stumbled across the Performance Matters Crossovers‘ series of films through Twitter a little while ago and wanted to post something about what looks like a really interesting set of films that stem from productive practice-based research projects. Performance Matters, as an umbrella for a number of projects, is led by Gavin Butt (Goldsmiths), Adrian Heathfield (Roehampton) and Lois Keidan (Live Art Development Agency).

‘Crossovers’ is a series of films/dialogues that attempt to reflect”the potential of marginal artforms and intense ideas within popular media.” In particular, the series of film/dialogues between Adrain Heathfield and a number of interesting contemporary philosophers/theorists look really good:

Writing Not Yet ThoughtHélène Cixous with Adrian Heathfield.The acclaimed author discusses the practice of writing alongside its relation to painting, music and philosophy. See here for details of the Writing Not Yet Thought DVD.

Transfigured Night, A Conversation with Alphonso Lingis.  An exchange between the celebrated American philosopher Alphonso Lingis and Adrian Heathfield. See here for details of the Transfigured Night film and DVD.

No Such Thing As Rest, A Walk with Brian Massumi. Setting thoughts and conversation in constant motion, Adrian Heathfield encounters the philosopher and cultural theorist while walking the streets of Montreal. See here for details of the No Such Thing As Rest DVD.

A nice trailer for the film/dialogue with Massumi is available on vimeo, which I wanted to share here:

No Such Thing as Rest: a walk with Brian Massumi [Trailer] from Adrian Heathfield on Vimeo.

Apparently there is also a film/dialogue with Bernard Stiegler, which would be interesting to see.

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