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Scott Rodgers has posted the welcome news that the video from the Conditions of Mediation conference earlier this year is now available. The video comprises the keynote presentations.

After much behind-the-scenes fidgeting and arranging, I’m happy to say we can finally make available an edited video recording of the two keynote symposiums from Conditions of Mediation, the ICA preconference I co-organized with Tim Markham, held at Birkbeck on 17 June 2013. The two keynote symposiums kicked off the intense one-day event. The first group of speakers include Graham Harman, Lisa Parks and Paddy Scannell and the second group include Shaun Moores, Nick Couldry and David Berry. Not only are each speakers’ contributions interesting, but so too were the debates and discussions which followed (between the speakers and audience). Looking back, it certainly was a unique cross-section of phenomenological perspectives as they relate or might relate to thinking about media, technology and communication.

See Scott’s post for more information about the video.

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