Guardian Continues Radical Thinker Series with Videos on Critchley, Horkheimer and More

Reblogged from Critical Theory:

Earlier this week The Guardian and Verso launched their “Radical Thinkers” video series, which aims to explain radical philosophy in short 3-4 minute videos. Since its inception earlier this week, a video has been released every day.

Today’s video tackles Simon Critchley’s “Infinitely Demanding“ and his thoughts on politics and anarchism.

Stella Sandford focuses on Willhelm Reich’s thoughts, especially on Marxism, psychoanalysis and patriarchy.

Esther Leslie discusses Marx Horkheimer’s “Critique of Instrumental Reason“ and the emergence of psuedo individuality.

Really interesting videos that provide some welcome critical engagement with philosophy (that is not Daniel Dennett) in a prominent British forum, albeit the left-leaning preserve of the self-identified middle classes that is the Grauniad (of which, of course, I am a reader ;-).

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