Blogger apathy, the death of Bloglines and missing links

This year I have been mostly… blogging on the variety of sites attached to the Digital Cultures Research Centre’s network of events and projects – not least our recent conference Paying Attention which addressed the issue of the ‘attention economy’ (see the website for more details). The conference was held in Linkoping, in Sweden, and funded by the European Science Foundation. We were fortunate to have a varied and interesting collection of speakers including Tiziana Terranova and Bernard Stiegler, who were both superb.

Having written the above, I doubt anyone will read this, not least because I don’t really blog much at the best of times and its been even quieter of late. However, I have been spurred to action because of the announcement of the imminent demise of Bloglines, for which I have remained a faithful user for around five years, mostly due to laziness! I’m probably going to avoid the obvious move to the big “G” (as in the internet services company not ‘him upstairs’!) and switch over to NetVibes. An immediate cause for reflection in this circumstance is the number of ‘saved’ blog posts from the feeds I follow which I intended to write about here and haven’t got around to discussing. So, for want of a better strategy – I’m posting them here as a sort of archaeology of my Bloglines account [continued below].


The death of “locational privacy”

Ivan Sutherland’s Sketchpad 1963

Navigation system uses crowdsourcing for route guidance

Happy 90th birthday, sf legend Frederik Pohl!

How to brew a good cup of coffee

2010: Living in the future

Crate-digging with John Cusack: Tiny Tim at The Hunt Club

Priceless: how our unknowing irrationality confounds the price of everything

A Day in Paris: short film by Benoit Millot

A day in PARIS from Benoit MILLOT on Vimeo.

The Beat of the Future: John Cusack, guestblogger

Bruce Sterling’s State-of-the-Spime address

Taschen’s MOONFIRE: now for less than $1,000

Triggering rain with lasers

Hackers on Planet Earth releases an API for its RFID badge

Amazing skydiving photography

Transmedia Storytelling and the New Media Convergence

HP to spam your web-connected printer

Thoughts on augmented realities

Rucker’s WARE books back in print — and free to download!!!

Steve Steinberg on weak AI

What “curated computing” can and can’t deliver

Arduino: The Documentary, the trailer

Mechanical wall-hung clockwork sculptures

German “secure” ID cards compromised on national TV, gov’t buries head in sand

Laser cut and 3D printed decorative objects derived from geography

Gibson’s ZERO HISTORY: exciting adventure that wakes you to the present-day’s futurism

Roombots: autonomous, mobile, evolutionary self-assembling furniture

Games not art after all, say angry gamers

Rolf Potts is traveling around the world with no luggage

Wired says the Web is dead. It’s not.

Kim Stanley Robinson on science, justice and science fiction

13,000 satellites around the Earth

Englishman Who Posted Himself: biography of a postal experimenter

Behold, the “point your iPhone at a plane and know where it’s headed” app!


Thoughts after a public cupping


Recommended Coffee Reading List – Part 1

A few videos worth watching

How much coffee do you drink?

The naturals debate

Thresholds of deliciousness

The other black stuff

Stats of Excellence

the 90 point roast


Colombian Conseca

Times that changed my life”¦. or should I say coffees

Charles Stross


Space Cadets


Gadget Patrol: iPad

Party Election Broadcast

The real reason why Steve Jobs hates Flash

CMAP #8: Lifestyle or Job?

CMAP #6: Why did you pick such an awful cover for your new book?

CMAP #3: What Authors sell to Publishers

CMAP #2: How Books Are Made


International travel redux

Information, Freedom, Flame-bait

The monetization paradox (or why Google is not my friend)

News from the IT travel department

Doing it wrong


False Positives and the Database State

UPDATE: There are more than this but I don’t want to waste a lot of time copy-pasting so I’ll do it gradually…

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