‘Better’ tomorrows…

“The future will be better tomorrow” – Dan Quayle

“with faith in the future, let us together build tomorrow today” – Gordon Brown

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2 Replies to “‘Better’ tomorrows…”

  1. I’m sure you have read the paper by Massumi in theory and event on the primacy of preemption and the Iraq war? We had a pretty heated (and, I must add, non-productive) debate about the difference between preemption and prevention during a seminar here in Oxford last week.

    I think Brown is onto something here though. 🙂

  2. Yep, I’ve read ‘Potential Politics and the Primacy of Preemption’ by Massumi, it’s a good paper. Its one of the main sources of my thought on plotting a broader ‘politics of anticipation’ in relation to technology development and envisioning. i think Massumi’s work on preemption and ‘operative logics’ is under-used, it’s good stuff!!

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