links for 2009-02-05

  • Interesting presentation (slides+notes) by Timo Arnell riffing on 'web of things', 'everyware' & 'sketching in hardware' to highlight some design implications of 'the web in the world' – "In the same way as the web is quickly extending onto the mobile platform, we are starting to see the web moving further into the physical world. Many emerging technologies are beginning to offer physical-world inputs and outputs; multi-touch iPhones, gestural Wii controllers, RFID-driven museum interfaces, QR-coded magazines and GPS-enabled mobile phones."
  • An unfortunately super-Cartesian but interesting project, vaguely ubicomp – "Datascape is a social geographic storytelling platform that enables artists, researchers, community groups and others to narrate their communities and physical spaces through interactive virtual worlds that are laid on top of the physical world. Our research goals are to explore the opportunities for spatial narrative that can be offered by a system like Datascape, to understand the interactional consequences of different configurations and manifestations of the system, and to examine the range and use of community-authored narratives and how they can make legible digital/physical spaces."
  • Some bonkers people at NASA and other apparently rational organisations have sunk money into the "Singularity University", its like something out of an imitation Vinge or Stross novel. The promotional video is a must-see!
  • Tom Taylor of Headshift makes an activity stream printer, hacked from a EPoS device and an arduino: "The microprinter is an experiment in physical activity streams and notification, using a repurposed receipt printer connected to the web. I use it for things like reminders, notifications, and my day at-a-glance, but anything that can be injected from the web and suits text only, short format messaging, will work."
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