Fall-ing haiku

Seasons seem to turn
like the slow ebb of a tide.
Drained then renewed.

Grey quilts thick with rain,
sunshine scatters asunder.
Autumnal allusion.

Mellow fruitfulness
webbed in quilts of spiders silk.
Spun to call forth seasons.

Sprung haiku 

Flickering birch leaves
froth against skies of skim’d milk,
Ensign of high Spring.

Motorway bass line
‘neath windblown birdsong descant.
Prelude to summer.

Autumnal haikus

Autumnal radiance,
Worry displaces relief,
Half-term empties roads.

Tough being ‘grown-up’,
Palliative praise revives,
Northerly wind bites.

Wednesday’s tweeted haikus

Here’s some haikus that I tweeted yesterday that sort of summed up how I was feeling as I commuted down and back to Exeter and went about a day’s work… The earliest tweet/haiku is the furthest down, the last is the one at the top. Make of them what you will.

Alone together,
A sea of screens and headphones,
Syllables take flight.

Stale coffee, tired seats,
Involuntary earwig,
The clocks go back soon.

Head cloudy as Devon sky,
Term flows like tweets.

(A) subject to change,
Habitual imposter,
Tired of worrying.

Autumn sun, cold air,
At school, Will wore shorts all year,
Students wear thick coats.

Devon morning frost,
Train bisects freshly ploughed fields,
Low sun on full beam.


I would like to note, as a good friend (better read than I) argued:

“All masterful authority is an imposition/imposture (Badiou on Rancière); every claim to verification of the Real is imposture (Baudrillard). So, yeah, in our social and scientific lives we are all habitual imposters! Whether or not we accept or admit it is another matter.”

Haiku…from @ithke79

Cold room but warm seat,
Starting week reading Haiku,
Badly need coffee

Feeble I know, but here’s Keith Harris’ – he’s been writing them on his blog and I’ve enjoyed reading them… plus, we always need more coffee!

Haiku #6: Gray

Damn that sky is gray
Guess I’ll read some Althusser
And drink more coffee