Some links I’ve not had time to blog about…

I’m winding down for the winterval so here’s some things I pressed ‘favourite’ for on Twitter but haven’t really had the time or inclination to blog about…

David Link’s Monster Resurrection: an archaeology of calculating machines @ ZKM

Monetesing music – Andrew Leyshon

Rachel O’Dwyer on block chains – talk for Programmable Cities: ‘governance by design’

Imogen Heap on dot-music and Mycelia

The Human Condition and The Black Box Society – review of Pasquale’s ‘Black Box Society’ by Nicole Dewandre

Linking Registers – blog post on GDS blog ~ really interesting discussion of govt-level ‘linked data’ innovation

Educating the Smart City – paper in Big data & Society by Ben Williamson

The sad economics of being famous on the internet –Gaby Dunn

Beyond Personalization and Anonymity: Towards a Group-Based Recommender System [paper/PDF] ~ Simondon + graph theory (bonkers!)

List of OA journals in my field – geography, political ecology, social science – Simon Batterbury

Machines Reshape More Jobs Than They Destroy –– “Fewer than 5 percent of jobs are likely to be completely replaced by computers, according to a recent report by McKinsey & Company consulting firm.”

This has been tweeted a lot, talk at Google by Yuval Harari Techno-Religions and Silicon Prophets

and… the trailer for Highrise:

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