Article accepted: Vulgar Geographies? Popular Cultural Geographies and Technology

Some time ago (in 2014), I participated in the Open University’s annual ‘Doreen Massey event’, which had the title Provocations of the Present: What culture for what geography?, and I presented a provocation concerning culture, technology and what is meant by ‘popular’ culture when it’s studied by people like me (broadly – cultural geographers).

I was invited, a few months later, to write this provocation up for a theme section of Social & Cultural Geography. This has finally come to fruition, after some helpful comments by two anonymous reviewers and some very kind help from Nadia Bartolini, Parvati Raghuram & George Revill at the OU and S&CG editor Mary Gilmartin.

I am pleased therefore to share the accepted manuscript as a PDF.

So it’s:

Kinsley, S 2015 “Vulgar Geographies? Popular Cultural Geographies and Technology“, Social & Cultural Geography in press.

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