Stuart Elden on writing and “why blog?”

One of the more prolific geography bloggers, Professor Stuart Elden, has offered an observation on the recent conversation that emerged from the list I compiled (and adapted from other sources) of (relatively frequent) geography blogs.

As Prof. Elden notes (and as linked in a previous post) there was a discussion back in 2011 on Crit-Geog-Forum about this, and he links back to a blogpost from that time which offers an interesting comparison of activities. Prof. Elden notes:

the readership of the blog is much larger than it was back in 2011; and I have less time now for the kind of substantive posts I’d like to write. So much of the blog is a noticeboard, for myself and for others, but it’s also – as Clive [Barnett] noted – still a place where I blog about my work, rather than blog parts of my work.

This theme of blogging about how we work rather than blogging our work seems an important point, and Prof. Elden expands on this in terms of his blogging about the practices of writing.

The posts I have written that I return to tend to generally be posts about how I (have) work(ed) for example – about blogging and about doing research about other kinds of research (i.e. industrial research). So, an important part of using a blog as a means of curating (which is what I suggested in my second post about being a sharing academic) is contributing to discussions about the ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’ of research.

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