Past visions of computing futures

I have been collecting together ‘vision’ videos for future(s) computing on my YouTube ‘favourites’. I’ve decided to post them here and categorise them as “past computing futures” posts with the aim of cataloguing what I find. I welcome suggestions and links!

Here are the videos I’ve found on YouTube:

MIT MediaLab ‘Aspen Movie Map’

This is a bit of a cheat – this is Nicholas Negropente’s 1984 TED talk, which features several examples of some 1980s projects from the MIT MediaLab.

Apple Knowledge Navigator (circa 1987)

AT&T “You will” adverts

Sun Microsystems “Starfire” concept (1993)

HP Labs ‘CoolTown’ vision (circa 2002)

nokia “888 design awards” 2005 winner

HP & Microsoft ‘agora’ concept

Nokia ‘Morph’ concept

Microsoft’s realtime collaboration vision for 2010 (2007?)

Microsoft Live Lab’s(?) ‘future vision’ series (2007-present)

Microsoft’s “future vision of retailing”

Microsoft’s “future vision of manufacturing”

Microsoft’s “future vision of personal health”

Microsoft’s ‘future vision of banking’

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