Reblog> Job opening: 2-year postdoc position in philosophy and ethics of technology and design

Looks like an interesting opportunity…

From Peter-Paul Verbeek:

Technologies are increasingly designed to influence people’s behavior in directions that are seen as desirable, as approaches like ‘nudging’ and ‘persuasive technology’ show. At the same time, this development raises ethical concerns. The postdoc project ‘Designing Moral Mediation’ will develop both a philosophical and an ethical approach to behavior-influencing technologies.

The postdoc will become a member of the research team of the 5-year research project ‘Theorizing Technological Mediation’, which investigates human-technology relations in the domains of science, ethics, and religion. Within this context, the postdoc project focuses on ‘moral mediation’: the ways in which technologies mediate moral actions and decisions, and help to shape moral frameworks. We are looking for someone with expertise in philosophy of technology, human-technology relations, and /or ethics of technology.
More information:!/vacature/1049731

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2 Replies to “Reblog> Job opening: 2-year postdoc position in philosophy and ethics of technology and design”

  1. Hi. I’m a PhD student in architecture. I’m finishing my last year in Edinburgh university. Does this position take pads in architecture as well? I’m very interested to apply and I’m doing the online course by Mr. Verbeek right now

  2. Hi Roxana, I’m merely rebloggibg here, so you should follow the link to Prof. Verbeek’s site and ask him directly. Hope that helps and good luck 🙂

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