The Master-Slave Dialectic in Human-Robot Relationships (podcast)

I’ve been enjoying listening to John Danaher’s podcast “Algocracy” (in spite of not really liking the neologism, heh) with some interesting recent conversations. Incidentally, Danaher’s model for his podcast seems to me to be a fruitful one for academics – a structured conversation that takes elements of researched published in a specific academic context and taking some particular points to be discussed more widely. Danaher is quite skilful at doing so too…

In a recent episode, Danaher talks to Mark Coeckelbergh about ‘robots’ and the (Hegelian) ‘tragedy’ of automation, in particular in relation to ideas of care and the relatively recent growth in the development of ‘carebots’ (semi/quasi-autonomous systems that take on particular aspects of care roles ). He is apparently an adept of a ‘robophilosophy‘ movement, but that’s not quite as peculiar as it may sound…

Coeckelbergh is impressively clear and concise in his discussion of theory and it’s an interesting listen, so I recommend giving it a go

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