David Harvey – Trump & globalisation [quote]

The only evidence of a response from Harvey (to answer my own earlier blogpost question) is the below, which comes from a Spanish-language news article, on a site called CartaCapital, entitled: As visões de Zizek, David Harvey e Boaventura Santos sobre Trump. As you can see from the title the piece also has quotes from Slavoj Zizek and Boaventura de Sousa Santos.

This quote has been run through Google translate as I do not speak Spanish so I cannot vouch for it’s quality:

“There is a disillusionment with globalization. One alternative is to turn to local politics and feel more comfortable controlling things in your own backyard rather than being controlled by the abstract forces of globalization. Nationalism knows how to cultivate these values has made it become an important alternative. I do not think it needs to be this way. There are alternatives to capitalism that should be developed.

At this point, there is no doubt that the Right version of this process is dominant. But it is possible to resist. As I said, I do not believe that Temer and Macri will stay in power for long, I believe that the Left are organized enough to get rid of them in the next four or five years.

The same must be true for some of these nationalist movements that are emerging. Even if Donald Trump is elected, I do not believe in his tenure will be long. Many of his proposals may slip away, as political support for change will not be extended to such an extent. “

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