Handbook on Geographies of Technology

Edward Elgar have a new title advertised: The Handbook on Geographies of Technology, edited by Prof. Barney Warf (Kansas). It is good to see such a volume is being produced and encouraging that someone as qualified as Prof. Warf is editing it. Having said that, there are two things I find disappointing from the information on the EE webpage for the book: 1) the price: £162 with a “web discount”. Why?! 2) the rather narrow range of topics and conceptual engagement – at least indicated by section and chapter titles. I understand that such a book cannot cover everything but only three chapters on conceptual issues seems a bit stingey (although if you only had three available they are well-chosen) and then the relatively traditional thematics chosen (comms., transport, energy, manufacturing and life science) seems like a bit of a missed opportunity. I look forward to seeing a copy, somehow (cos I cannot afford to buy one!!), to get a better sense of the contents. I hope there may be material in there to support my final year option module: Geographies of Technology.

Here’s the blurb:

This Handbook offers an insightful and comprehensive overview from a geographic perspective of the numerous and varied technologies that are shaping the contemporary world. It shows how geography and technology are intimately linked by examining the origins, growth, and impacts of 27 different technologies and highlighting how they influence the structure and spatiality of society. Following summaries of important conceptual issues such as diffusion, gender and science studies, the book explores various technologies from difference categories including computational, communications, transportation, energy, manufacturing and life sciences.

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