“Ways of Being in a Digital Age”, one of five @ESRC priorities for research 2016-2020

I’ve only just seen this but wanted to post this here as a reminder and to point it out to others with similar interests…

In the recently published ESRC Delivery Plan 2016-2020 one of the five priority areas for research is “Ways of Being in a Digital Age”, here’s their one paragraph explanation (p. 4):

Ways of Being in a Digital Age – digital technology is present in all aspects of our lives, whether we actively engage with it or not. It affects the way we communicate, and the ways we receive, consume and process information. It influences routine behaviours – the way we travel, shop and work. The presence of digital technology mediates our perceptions, behaviours and practices across these different domains and thereby influences our ways of living. This raises a number of fundamental questions about our ways of being in a digital age, the risks and opportunities associated with digital living, and our understanding of the individual, community, and society.

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