David Moats reviews Rob Kitchin’s The Data Revolution in TCS

On the Theory Culture & Society journal website you can read a review of Rob Kitchin’s The Data Revolution by David Moats.

Here’s the abstract:

Rob Kitchin’s The Data Revolution helpfully strips away the hype surrounding ‘big data’ and clarifies key terms. This review suggests some avenues where the book could be taken further, particularly in reference to the performativity of big data discourses and infrastructures, giving the example of Cameron and Palin’s dismantling of the hype around globalisation. It is also suggested that the performative effects of data enact sociality in new ways and may require more dramatic methodological and philosophical shifts. Crucially however, Kitchin’s book successfully clears a space of shared understanding on which more radical projects can be built.

Read the whole review.

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