New Books in Critical Theory

I’ve just come across the New Books in Critical Theory podcast, thanks to David Beer, on Twitter – who linked to the latest interview with Christian Fuchs, talking about his book Culture and Economy in the Age of Social Media.

It’s a pleasure to find that there are also recent interviews with Robin James on her book about resistance, pop music and feminism, as well as fellow geographers Deborah Cowen on her book The Deadly Life of Logistics and Amanda Rogers talking about her book Performing Asian Transnationalisms: Theatre, Identity and the Geographies of Performance. Trawling the archives one can find Bradley Garrett talking about Explore Everything and, of course, David Beer talking about his book Popular Culture and New Media.

Apparently there are other New Books in… podcast series, with one for Geography and another for Digital Culture (various series clearly cross-post), which is interesting. Worth exploring…

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